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Are you a parent thinking about your children studies and going through the following things in your mind?

  • Not able to think beyond Neet and JEE 
  • High expectations and getting lost by thinking too much about children careen growth.
  • Lost in the herd mentality .
  • Failing to realize skills set and jobs changes over the time .
  • Focusing on strengthening the foundations for your children in  Maths and Science  till 10th std and get him ready to take all competitive exams.
  • Go through a professional technical counselling and understand the unique path for your children which is  practically achievable.
  • As  a parent be a part of the  program to remove the obstacles in your children’s  career path rather than just being an investor and expecting results alone.

Then we recommend to visit or call us to do a parent counselling with CTMS to understand our unique way of structuring the career path for your children

Why CTMS ?

CTMS Focusses in   “F A C T “

F stands for Focus  – Ensure the children have the rite focus in studies if not engage in Gadgets free program and Yoga sessions .

A stands for Assessment – Continuous assessment and ensuring there is transformation by regular Parents meetings 

C stands for Counselling –  Periodic 1-1 Education counselling  as and when required to correct the career path .

T stands for Transformation commitment  

Common obstacles we think parents and children face in their career planning and executing . CTMS helps to remove those using – “MMGF “ Framework

  • M stands for Missing in the crowd by just following what everyone follows.
  • M stands for Wasting money on all directions not seeing whether it really suits for your kids.
  • G stands for Gadgets addiction is a big problem for todays children .We have proven methods to get away your kids from that.
  • F stands for We help in avoiding Fatique of exams and studies