• CTMS wanted to be a trusted training partner for Schools, colleges and IT companies when It comes to IT Training . We wanted to call it has product based company because our training will go hand in hand through product development.
• We Focus in providing a platform to transform educational institutions and industries from traditional technical landscape to digital landscape.
• Our company has strong pool of technical consultants in Salesforce, Big data, Java, Python, Digital Marketing, google analytics, Web designing, AWS, Azure, and Sales and Marketing.
• We are experts in Lean Agile practice, which will enable the companies to reduce the cost and increase the revenue.
• We have certified Scrum product Owner & Agile practitioner.


Build a strong platform to enable Students and professionals to deep dive in various technologies and provide a learning path which leads to successful careerGrowth.


The Vision of CTMS is to be a navigator for students and Professionals in creating indestructible Wealth which is “ Knowledge in IT “ and then applying it for the benefit of Human Beings.

கண்ணுடையர் என்பவர் கற்றோர் முகத்துஇரண்டு
புண்ணுடையர் கல்லா தவர்.

Why Cloud Tech Mind Solutions?

Any human resource at any age can become a strong vibrant technocrat  by attaining certifications in niche technologies.Some of the Top companies have started looking or encouraging people with strong certification background alone.

  • CTMS is Enriching young mind with upcoming technologies for fulfilling the gap in the digital eco system.Navigate the resource from current state to a state which is beneficiary for the resource as well enterprises. 

  • Consulting services for business transformations across the industries.

  • CTMS is an extended arm for corporate technical training.

  • CTMS is grooming young minds by conducting soft skills and communication training

Join our exciting team and expand your career growth exponentially