CTMS teaches all the listed courses in both English & Tamil. CTMS will provide live projects guidance at the end of the Course.  Bulk Discounts available for Group Coaching. Mail ctms@cloudtechmind.in for bulk discounts.





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Service offerings

  • Educational Institute Partnership 

The Current problem faced by  educational institute  is how to manage the environment of rapidly changing technologies . Current curriculum is dealt with traditional technologies, though they are basics, in carreer point of view students have to be aware of both traditional and emerging technologies to upgrade their knowledge. In this way CTMS are ready to give placement training in niche skills – Salesforce, big data, python, java, digital marketing , google Analytics for students


  • Corporate Training

Most of the companies have the problem of more demand in new technologies and their current strength of their employee skills will be in traditional technologies. CTMS wanted to pitch in here by providing a corporate platform who will help to migrate their workforce to Digital technologies.

  • Business Process Automation – Revenue Optimisation

Steps we follow to do Revenue based Optimization & Cost Reduction:

  • We will understand existing process and plot the key actors and players.

  • Have a 1 day workshop with key actors/players and chart out DIDO- Day In Day Out.

  • Identify wastage and opportunities.

  • Place all the opportunities to the product owner.

  • Based on the budget, identify the automation tools and areas.

  • Create a project plan to implement it in Agile Methodologies.


CTMS operating models

  • As we understand millennial mind set, we provide a perfect mix of luxurious work & leisure amenities located in the heart of Chennai’s industry hub.

  • Of course we follow a common curriculum but based on individuals it will be customised to attain the desired outcome.

  • Maximum of only 6 members in the batch with flexible timing in the training for certain courses.

  • Our Technical trainers from various MNC are having 5 to 18 years experience with Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge. They are Certified Professionals with High Grade and  fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.

  • We provide soft-skills training as value-added service.

  • Case studies and hands on session will be given as part of curriculum.

  • In placement aspect job guidance through CV writing practice, profile enhancement tricks , and many mock interview preparations

  • Regularly we update of vacancies to our students in MNCs.


CTMS Freshers Program is very interesting and they really helped me to identify the right course based on our technical background and gave me a complete roadmap on how to get a job after several rounds of 1-1 discussion . After learning freshers and Full stack developer program .I have got placed in a start up company

Muthu Raj

Trained for Freshers and full stack program

I was .Net developer .I learnt Salesforce Admin and PD1 from CTMS .Their course is completely aligned with Salesforce certification and it helped me to crack Admin certification now I’m on the way to crack PD1 and Got into salesforce Practice in my company .I’m not at all worried about layoffs in my company since I’m into this demanding skillset in the market. Thanks to CTMS for this change.

Ram Kumar

Trained for Salesforce program

CTMS Python program have a bunch of experienced Architects and special thanks to Akash who not only gave coding skills but gave complete technical landscape in Tamil so that I was able to think technology in our native language. My perception to coding has completely changed after attending Python program in CTMS . ITS REALLY VALUE FOR MONEY

Thanga Vel

Trained for Python program

The course content of Machine learning is structured well and the cost is very less in the market. I’m doing my PHD and with just 14,999 the theoretical and hands are covered completely. I’m now on the way for Neural networks course which once I though its very dry subject . Vijay Bhaskar is having rich experience in real time projects on these skills and its no more a dry or a complex subject to hit.

Arjun Vikram

Trained for Machine Learning program

CTMS is the only IT training company which teaches Technology in Tamil .I was almost out of IT completely lost ,Now with the training in Salesforce Admin and PD1 in tamil .I have cleared Admin certification and preparing for PD1 .CTMS guides from cracking certifications to job interviews

Shahul Ahmed

Trained for Salesforce program

I joined Digital marking course in CTMS this was taken by Akash and Aravind they are entrepreneurs and they go in depth in this course now I’m doing freelancing on my own .Thanks to CTMS .

Jaya Balan

Trained for Digital Marketing program

I joined Python course initially .The way they go in depth in each topic by explaining in tamil is really wonderful and interesting .I joined this program for career upliftment but now I can call myself as Tech Enthusiast and I have now enrolled in Data science .Thanks to CTMS for this transformation within me.

Vignesh Raj

Trained for Python program

I took Big data course in CTMS . It used to be an area where only very technical sound people can take up with lot of ambiguity I took this but after hitting 5 courses I felt that I should have joined even before , nevertheless I’m satisfied I’m on the right direction .Thanks to CTMS for showing me technology is easy when you learn in depth in your native language.

Surya D

Trained for Big Data program

I joined Salesforce Salescloud . I was originally a Siebel CRM Expert. Madhavan explained all the concepts in co relation with Siebel and how it evolved in Salesforce that made me learn salesforce superfast . I’m now certified in Admin and salescloud . Thanks to CTMS for helping me to migrate to Salesforce with so less cost. Really value for money

Harish K

Trained for Salesforce Salescloud

I joined Python course in Tamil .This was a new element where in initially I was little not confident how language matters in technical training but then at the end I realized the impact .The Analogy used to explain the concept was something Fantastic .


Trained for Python in Tamil